What a rollercoaster of a year! This year I have achieved more than I could imagine, learnt more then I could have hoped and developed amazing relationships with some incredible people.

To my parents, I’m busy all the time, I’m impulsive and when I come home I act like I’m on holiday in a five-star hotel – but I would be nothing without you. When I’ve needed you, you’ve been a phone call away, or willingly travelling 300+ miles to get me home for a cry and a cuddle. You have taught me my morals, you’ve taught me how to be compassionate and caring, you’ve taught me everything I value and know – and I will never be able to express my appreciation and love that I have for you.

To my siblings, I’ve always felt quite lonely in life, but I have always had a genuine friend in every one of you – so thank you. I know that I will always have someone to confide in, someone to laugh with, someone to cry to, and someone to tell me the brutal truth when needed. This year I’ve needed you all more than ever and I can’t and never have expressed how thankful I am because I like to pretend I’m a hard nut (we all know I’m the biggest softie). I love you all, all the world.

To my friends, you have no idea how much every single one of you mean to me. As mentioned above, I’ve always felt a little lonely, and always felt like a bit of an inconvenience to my friends so I have naturally tried to distance myself from them for no particular-reason – but, I’m terribly sorry to you lot, but you’re stuck with me for life. For all the laughs and the crazy memories (that we won’t talk of on here), you’ve made this year the best year of my life. From the last-minute trip to the zoo on my birthday, and the trip to Nando’s and bowling – all acts of kindness when I was at my lowest that meant the absolute world to me. If I carry on typing I won’t stop, so just know that I love you and appreciate you all more than you will ever know.

To those that I’ve lost, thank you for teaching me some of life’s scariest lessons and thank you for the amazing memories. I now value people and relationships more than any other aspect of my life, specifically, my career. In 2017 I got totally blinded and blinkered to develop and progress and push my career to be the best. Within all of that I lost sight on what was, and is the most important thing in life – love. Telling the people I care for that I appreciate them, and that I love them, calling my Mum and Dad and Siblings and Grandparents, just to ask them about their day. Cherishing and embracing every moment I can with family, and friends because I truly am nothing without them. In my instance, basketball and coaching, isn’t the be all and end all.

To my team, I can’t express my thanks to all of you. The running game is a whole new ball game, coaching in a programme of this scale, again, whole new ball game – but I’m trying, and you all acknowledge it and express your thanks and make me feel worth. When I was offered this position, as your assistant coach, I was incredibly apprehensive to say yes, but that was the best yes I’ve made all year. Watching you all grow on and off the court fills me with pride and admiration. This next year I promise to continue to learn and coach you all to the best of my ability. You’re the most amazing bunch of girls that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, coaching and calling my friends.

To my RAW bloggers and audience, this blog would be nothing without you. The bloggers, every single one of you inspire me with your brilliant pieces, passion for advertising wheelchair basketball and continued support. This blog would truly be nothing without you guys, you helped me make an idea into a positive and productive sports blog – I can’t wait to continue reading what you have to share. Special shout-out to Dylan Cummings, Sheffield Steelers and the incredible Lucy Robinson. Dylan, you continue to use your extensive amount of skills and write interesting and engaging blog posts. Steelers, thank you for consistently producing exciting blog posts and supporting this blog in more ways than just writing for us. A name you may not recognise but is the core of this blog, Lucy. Lucy gives up hours of her time to proof-read the blogs, off her own back just to support the writers and me – I appreciate everything you do.

A new year brings hope, courage to start a fresh and opportunity to re-invent ourselves into whatever we want to be. I hope you all achieve what you truly desire and wish everybody good health for 2018. Just embrace every opportunity and love what you do.

I won’t go on any longer.

Happy new year,


Rosie x

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  1. Well said Rosie putting your heart and soul into your inner feeling and appreciation of those you love and friends in your life we salute you our precious granddaughter love you and we are so proud of the young lady you have become
    Nanna. Daidy. Xxxxx always here for you

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