Bench Units Podcast: EuroLeague – A Belated Preview

The self-absorbed ramblings are back!

Check out the latest episode of Bench Units; the very first to be recorded under James and Mark’s new living arrangements!

The guys cover all things basketball from the month of January – chiefly the debut of Zion Williamson and James’ beloved Econy Gran Canaria’s EuroLeague quest. A preview is given to the entire EuroLeague opening weekend (30th Jan – 2nd Feb), with the guys making their calls for who advances to the next rounds.

Finally, we take some time to get reflective and thoughtful, as James ponders starting rehab from another surgery, and the impact it has had on him and those around him.



All this, plus all the inside jokes you can shrug at, on the latest episode of the Bench Units Podcast!


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