My Experiences at The Americas Cup 2017

My experiences at Americas Cup 2017 were nothing but positive. As an athlete, we get to travel all over the world and see new places. Colombia is one I will never forget.
We all know Canadians are great at embracing the cold weather, but once you throw us into weather that has no winter, it’s a whole new experience for us. As an athlete, we know our bodies well, and the things we can put it through are amazing. This was only my second time playing in hot, humid weather. My first time did not go so well when my vision began to get blurry, I had a massive headache, and in the middle of a game I felt like I could go for a nap. Luckily, we have a great physio team that wrapped an ice vest around me and had ice all over my body. Best part was, I was given juice. Now as a veteran embracing the heat the second time, I knew I was not going down that path again. Although the second time was easier, I did sweat a lot, and I know all the other Canadians did too, just ask our manager who was an angel for washing our jerseys.
The venue was great and fans from all over were there to support, even if it was not their country.
Now, I know every country could tell you how amazing the fruit was there. I basically had pineapple for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The basketball experience was awesome, the facility was in a building that opened to the outside, I felt nothing but safe traveling venue to venue.
We faced off the home country in our first game, we ended up with the win and we continued to carry our confidence to every other game after that. The games were not easy, every single one was a mental and physical grind, our America zone seems to be getting stronger and more competitive each year. After every game our team had nothing left in the tank. One of my favorite highlights from the whole entire trip was our gold medal game against the strong USA, about half way through the game, mother nature through us all off our game. A massive crack of thunder shook the whole entire building and it made every athlete pause for just a moment and question what that sound was, then you heard the downpour. You could not help but kind of smile and chuckle at what just happened.
Tension just seemed to fall off our shoulders, this whole summer was all about work and working together as a team to play as one, and the best part was, it paid off!
But now, Americas Cup is a sweet memory that my team and I will never forget. Time for a new chapter in our lives, the road to Hamburg, Germany.

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  1. Well written, I am impressed with my grand daughter commitment to the sport. Very proud.

    1. Well written, I am impressed with my grand daughter commitment to the sport. Very proud.

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