Passion and Aggression: Arinn Young

Being the younger sibling – ya, I think that’s where it all started. Just having one older brother was enough for me to learn that I would have to fight for most things in my life because he was bigger and stronger. Fighting for the front seat in the car, fighting for the better ball, even racing to our barn -that always seemed to be a fight as well. I learned at a young age that I could win a lot of battles, if I put my mind to it.

At the age of 5, I was introduced into sports, most importantly basketball. I learned very quickly that I was much stronger and more physical than the other girls. My dad was my first coach, always telling me “don’t let people push you around” -so I wouldn’t. I seemed to have had a weak mental game, meaning I would get frustrated very quickly. I was taught to use my anger and take it out on the scoreboard, meaning rack up the points and don’t let anyone stop me. 2001 was my first time truly falling in love with the game and sports in general. I would basically eat, sleep and play basketball, forcing my parents to buy me a basketball hoop for the front yard.

​I always told my parents that I wanted to be the best basketball player that I could be. Not only did hard work get me to where I am, but the passion I have for this sport pushed me beyond my dreams! As soon as I even got the taste of winning, my passion just grew stronger. I am not an individual who cries, but when my team wins something big, tears just start coming out. I cannot put into words how happy I am when the team and I succeed. Small wins all the way to big wins, I am there cheering and playing every step of the way. Do it with passion or not at all – right?

Teammates are also a big part of my passion and aggression in sport. I am very overprotective of my teammates, they are my family. I make sure they are always fine, mentally and physically. I will take a bullet for any of my teammates. So, if someone does them wrong, I am there, most likely taking that person out hard on the court. I love watching my teammates grow into awesome basketball players, all the hard work and time they put in truly does pays off! I am not an individual who cries a lot, but when the team and I win a national title, world cup, or even sweep a whole tournament, I can’t help but get emotional. We don’t grind it out and put in blood, sweat and tears for nothing. We are here to dominate every team we play against. You will see me and hear me hyping up my teammates. I want my teammates to know how much they mean to me and if that means I am fist pumping the air over a lay-up, then that’s how it goes.

​Many things have contributed to my passion and aggression in sport, I try to my best to work the two together and make me a better player. Being physical to get where I want to on court, passionate enough to know that I will be playing the sport I love until I cannot push anymore.

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