our expertise


Qualified multi-sport coach, disability inclusion training complete, safeguarding and first-aid qualifications attained. Specialist sports are basketball and wheelchair basketball.


Ability to provide engaging and effective team-building workshops to sports teams and businesses. Coaching clinics and workshops can be designed collaboratively to meet a desired goal.


Mentoring programs available for athletes, coaches and officials in all sports. Provision is available globally with an innovative e-mentoring system designed to holistically enhance ones ability in their discipline.

Rosie Angharad Williams

"Founder, lead-coach and coach mentor, with a passion for developing people through sport, from grassroots to elite.” ​

Dylan Cummings

"Scottish wheelchair basketball enthusiast, passionate about the communications and media side of our sport."

Mark Scholefield

"Under-qualified, first-time podcast host. At least I'm not James."

James MacSorley

"First time podcast host, long time fan of my own voice. I can't walk the walk so I have to talk the talk.”


We want to create something that is more than a blog, that is more than a podcast, that is more than a coaching session. We want to provide positive experiences, enhance your mindset and grow your outlook and perspective.


A community of sport enthusiasts sharing their experiences for an interesting and thought provoking read. Always aiming to start a conversation.


Have you ever been in a room with James and Mark while they talk about basketball and other stuff and thought "wow, I want to hear more of this"? No? Well this is your chance.


We strive to provide holistic, athlete centered, dynamic and innovative coaching practice. Learn more by checking out our blog and podcast - or, get in touch!