Bench Units: EuroLeague Round-up, NBA Trade Deadline Talk & An Actual Podcast Intro

James & Mark are back, with a review of a busy two weeks of basketball.

This episode of Bench Units (now featuring an introduction, put together by James) sees the guys break down the results of the first qualifying round of the IWBF EuroLeague Champions League, which is already having major implications for their own season, as the EuroLeague 1 Finals approaches.

We then shift to the NBA, where a whirlwind of a trade deadline has come and gone, shaking the league up and seeing several teams gear up to make a serious playoff run.

Last, but in no way least, the guys answer your questions, in their usual, profound, level of detail.



As always, thanks for listening to Bench Units, and feel free to send us your questions or topic ideas!

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