Bench Units Podcast – Lockdown Special

With James back in Gran Canaria, and the guys back to recording over Zoom video call, the Bench Units Podcast brings you a special episode to help deal with planet Earth’s new normal.

With Spain on lockdown and England not far behind, James and Mark have a lot of time to kill. This is the first in what projects to be a series of Lockdown Special episodes that we hope will keep our listeners as entertained as our two hosts are consistently able to keep themselves.

In this episode, the guys search for closure in an indefinitely-suspended NBA season by taking matters into their own hands. Listen in to hear what happened as we fired up an NBA 2K simulation to tell us how an Xbox AI would calculate that the season would conclude, while the guys try and speculate the logic behind any of it.



Check back regularly as we aim to bring you as much content as possible over the coming weeks, just in case having us in your ears helps you through your self-isolation!

Stay safe, and at least two metres away from anybody that you care about.

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