Bench Units Podcast – Lockdown Specials Vol. 10: What we’re not Qualified or Willing to Discuss about The Last Dance

We’re back and, in our usual no-holds-barred form, we are ready to meekly tip-toe around some almost-30-year-old controversies.

Following the behind-the-scenes viewing of some of Michael Jordan’s less glamorous moments, James and Mark use their recording time to point you in the direction of the coverage of informed people and encourage you to listen to our podcast but ultimately do your own research.

They also focus on The Last Dance’s latest dose of gossip that would have nuked social media if it had existed in the 1990s, specifically the inner politics that made Isiah Thomas and Toni Kukoc the mortal enemies of the greatest basketball team ever assembled.

Following this, the guys jump forward to the present day to discuss the idea of the NBA’s Disney World Bubble and, when it becomes obvious that that’s not going to happen, they jump a little bit back to throw the beauty of hindsight on some 2010s teams that never quite got there.

All this and almost definitely some other stuff that we don’t even remember talking about, on this episode of Bench Units.

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