Bench Units Podcast – Lockdown Specials Vol. 11: Trash Talk on The Last Dance and Trash-Talk

(This is a slightly-too-late release of our analysis of Episodes 7 & 8 of The Last Dance. Episodes 9 & 10 have been released, and if you’ve already seen them then we apologise for not keeping up. Also, they’ve been out on Netflix for like 3 hours and that means you got up at 8am on a Monday to watch a documentary, so actually why should we apologise)

With the formalities out of the way, hello and welcome to another episode of The Bench Units Podcast!

We break down what have been by far the most interesting and controversial pair of episodes of the season so far, as we give our takes on the “tyrant” portrayal of Michael Jordan.

Listen in as James and Mark compare his ruthless leadership style and unique self-motivation tactics to past experiences of their own, before discussing whether the sociopathic treatment of teammates and opponents is a necessary element when dealing with success on this level, and whether it would be allowed to fly in 2020.

All this and plenty of always-on-topic goodness to keep you questioning your use of your self-isolation time, on the latest Bench Units.

(Only joking about questioning the use of your time, please keep listening!)

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