Bench Units Podcast – Lockdown Specials Vol. 12: The Actual Last Dance

We’re back to add our two cents, one final time, to perhaps the most psychoanalysed athlete of the last 5 weeks and ever.

Following the conclusion of The Last Dance, James and Mark break down episodes 9 & 10 and give their final word on the season as a whole. This extends into drawing parallels between Michael Jordan’s rule of the 90’s to the present state of basketball.

Thanks for sending in your questions. We answered all that came in before recording started, but missed a couple that arrived too late. These will be kept in the bank for next time we do a questions session!

Thanks for listening to Bench Units, and you’ll hear from us next time a world-beating documentary series pops up and we don’t have to think of any original content.

Stay safe and don’t hog the whole pizza!

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