Bench Units Podcast – Lockdown Specials Vol. 15: What to Watch for when Basketball Returns

It is official!

The NBA has announced it’s campus-style return to action will begin on July 31st and will run through until mid-October.

22 teams will enter “The Bubble” of Disney World in Orlando, Florida. At this point, these teams will play:

8 “seeding” games – a shortened version of the regular season to allow for adjustment of playoff position
A (possible) play-in tournament for the 8th seed of each conference – if the 9th-place team is within 4 wins of the 8th-place team
A full 16-team playoff – as would happen to conclude any other season

This is a pretty full-tilt comeback after almost 5 months of no basketball, which is where our hosts come in…

Listen in for James and Mark to guide you through every storyline that could crop up in such a condensed, Truman Show-style environment. We discuss whether any hot streaks from the regular season have any relevance now, whether there is any way to replace homecourt advantage, and how much of an x-factor some teams might have in bringing players back from injury, which would have not been possible without the delay.

All this and more on Bench Units, where we can guarantee that we will be combing through even more obscure details like this for the next 7 weeks!

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