Bench Units Podcast – Lockdown Specials Vol. 17: Our Work-in-Progress NBA Draft Cheat Sheet

There’s still 3 weeks to go until the NBA season restarts in Orlando, and having time to kill and now two actual microphones at their disposal means that James and Mark can and will continue to find kind-of basketball-related topics to talk about.

This week, we’re debuting what we’re hoping will become world-famous as an ever-evolving NBA Draft holy grail. It won’t, but it was still fun to record.

The idea behind this is that, at any moment leading up to the draft, a high-powered team executive could go MIA and the organisation would have to have somebody else on-hand to make the selection. Using our NBA Draft Cheat Sheet principles, the draft process is in safe hands even if the job gets handed over to two Labradors in a coat.

We’re hoping that the Cheat Sheet will be something we can revisit for the Draft, and could even become a mini-series in itself for other parts of the NBA calendar that are littered with what seem like hilarious yet easily-avoidable mistakes.

All feedback welcome, let us know what you think!

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