Bench Units Podcast – Lockdown Specials Vol.3: Thomas FM (feat. Tom Smith)

We’re back!

We hope you’re all enjoying solitary confinement as much as James and Mark are enjoying having more time and excuses to float their opinions.

For the third instalment of our Quarantine Specials series, the guys have some very special company.

Our guest is a man who needs no introduction, but we just couldn’t help ourselves…

Our guest is:

A great person and teammate

An all-around fine specimen

A man we can all model ourselves after

The entire centre portion of the Venn Diagram between the British Gentleman and the Essex Boy

A man who will have an umbrella to hand at the slightest chance of rainfall

The only person I’ve ever heard have a note of genuine disbelief in their voice while asking the question “do you not know how to tie a bandana?!”

Always ready to make you look bad by dressing in button-up shirts, jumpers and actual shoes

The kind of guy that you can invite to a barbecue, and even more the kind of guy who will graciously step in and take over the barbecuing side of things when it becomes clear that you don’t know what you’re doing

The author and speaker of the sentence “You can’t go wrong with me, can you?”

Actually only a couple of years older than us, but like a real adult

The man who once changed from blue t-shirt/yellow shorts into blue t-shirt/blue shorts, into yellow t-shirt/blue shorts



Please enjoy this episode of Bench Units, featuring the one and only* Tom Smith

*very unlikely to be one and only – Tom Smith must be a very common combination of names

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