Bench Units Podcast – Lockdown Specials Vol. 5: Tearing up the Gameplan (feat. not Ben Fox)

Hung out to dry by the guest that they’d arranged, James and Mark knew they had to get a podcast recorded and released to help get people through these uncertain times.

They had to scrap their episode run-down and improvise, facing down the task of filling an hour with no real preparation.

How did they do it?

They just got chatting about something or other, and it all spiralled from there.


Listen in as the guys reveal some of their plans for upcoming episodes of Bench Units, before getting back to their specialist topic (non-backed-up basketball theoreticals), to close the show out.


Thanks to everyone who sent in questions for our guest. These will be rolled over to the next episode of Bench Units, where we actually will be joined by Ben Fox, assuming that he isn’t handed another last-minute, time-sensitive flatpack furniture construction project.



Thanks for listening, and please don’t break quarantine to go to your friend’s barbecue just because the weather is consistently making above 11 degrees.

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