Bench Units Podcast – Lockdown Specials Vol. 6: Not so Good on Puddings (feat. FlatPackman Ben Fox)

James and Mark got their guest!

Run out of budget-friendly Swedish furniture to knock together, Ben Fox admits defeat and jumps on a Zoom call with our two hosts.

The guys go over how they’re all keeping safe and sane in the ongoing quarantine, before turning talk to basketball.

Ben airs his grievances over his beloved Dallas Mavericks being robbed of their first playoff spot in four years and talks about how he thinks they can improve their young team for the coming season.

Finally, the guys reflect on Ben’s past season with Mideba Extremadura, before taking the time to answer your questions.



Thanks for listening and thanks for staying home but, mostly, thanks for using your lockdown time to force whoever you are self-isolating with to listen to Bench Units. This whole thing is doing wonders for our fanbase.

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