Bench Units Podcast: Wench Units Special (explicit)

Just in case any of you thought you really had had enough of James and Mark talking basketball, we’ve got you covered. Rather than have them change topic, we’ve brought in some guests who are definitely more sick of them talking about basketball than you are.



On this special episode of The Bench Units Podcast, the guys are joined by their girlfriends, Anna and Gabi. The guys one one team, the girls on the other, the two teams battle it out in a quiz of their chosen specialist subjects.

Warning: this episode contains some explicit language. We did our best to edit any offensive words out of the final audio, but we apologise if anything was missed. Any easily-offended listeners may want to avoid this episode, just in case.

Additional warning: the quiz itself contains some questionable scoring systems and not-inconsiderable inconsistencies when it comes to rules and final answers. Any die-hard quizzers may want to avoid this episode completely.

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